Counter-Power as Common Power: Beyond Horizontalism

Counter-Power as Common Power: Beyond Horizontalism

Occupy was powerful not because of its consensus decision-making processes but because of its participants’ collective commitment to a shared idea.


May 2012, Barcelona General Assembly, Hand Gestures. Video stills fromGlobal Uprisings.


November 2012, Pulling up bricks in the streets of Portugal. Video stills fromGlobal Uprisings.


August 2013, passing brick from person to person, Occupy Gezi, Turkey. Video stills from Global Uprisings.

Not An Alternative is a hybrid arts collective and non-profit organization with a mission to affect popular understandings of events, symbols and history.


Not An Alternative presenting a talk on the Media, Communication, Outreach panel at the Global Uprisings Conference in Amsterdam, November 2013:

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