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An immaterial map has been overlaid atop the material landscape covering the entire world. In this environment subtle alterations of the symbolic geography can radically affect the real material landscape.

In Summary

The Natural History Museum is a new museum that offers exhibitions, expeditions, educational workshops, and public programming. Unlike traditional natural history museums, it makes a point to include and highlight the socio-political forces that shape nature. These forces include those affecting the atmospheric climate on Earth, as well as the political /funding climate within museums of science and natural history.


The museum’s programs appear within existing institutions, in its 15-passenger mobile museum bus, and online at As of September 2014, The Natural History Museum is an official dues-paying member of the American Alliance of Museums.


The mission of The Natural History Museum is to affirm the truth of science. By looking at the presentation of natural history, the museum demonstrates principles fundamental to scientific inquiry, principles such as the commonality of knowledge and the unavoidability of the unknown. The Museum inquires into what we see, how we see, and what remains excluded from our seeing. It invites visitors to take the perspective of museum anthropologists attuned to the social and political forces inseparable from the natural world.

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