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Museum Anthropologists Bring Hidden Messaging to Light New Learning Times
The Revolution Will Not Be Painterly Houston Free Press
Activists Highlight Oil Company Influence of Houston Science Museum Triple Pundit
Making Museums Moral Again NY Times
The Art of Politics, in Agitprop! at the Brooklyn Museum NY Times
Brooklyn Museum: Agitprop! NY Times
Here’s Why You Should Be Hopeful About the Paris Climate Deal Newsweek
Protestors Spill Oily Substance on Floor of Louvre Museum The Weather Network
COP21: Fracking Under Scrutiny Buenos Aires Herald, Argentina
Protesters take to the Louvre Echo Net Daily, Australia
Climate Change Diary The National, Scotland
Via il petrolio dai musei, protesta al Louvre La Stampa
Stormtroopers And A Giant Polar Bear Invade Paris Climate Talks Buzzfeed News
Artists Arrested in Louvre Secretly Sent this Message from Inside Jail Cell New Internationalist
10 activists arrested for creating oily footprints in the Louvre Mashable
Activists Arrested in Louvre Oil Protests The Guardian
Art, oil and arrests in Paris New Internationalist
Artists Stage Dramatic Protest at Louvre During Paris Climate Summit ArtNet
Hundreds take part in protest performance at Louvre Museum over oil sponsorship ArtFix Daily
Hundreds protest oil sponsorship at Louvre during UN climate change conference The Art Newspaper
Hundreds Protest Oil Sponsorship of Louvre Museum ZME Science
Activists Target Louvre in Fossil Free Culture Protest Price of Oil
We Are Nature Defending Itself The Ecologist
Protest ban will not stop creative actions at COP21 Waging Nonviolence
Museums should divest from fossil fuel industry interests Museum Magazine
The Limits of Neutrality Center for the Future of Museums
Anthropocene, Capitalocene, or Ecology for All Verso Books Blog
Art Rx NYC: The Natural History Museum Hyperallergic
Climate Scientist Michael Mann: We Are Looking at an Entirely Different Planet Planet Experts
Things to Do in NY: The Natural History Museum Exhibition The Epoch Times
Climate Change in an Urban Panorama Queens Tribune
The Agenda: This Week in NYC: The Museum Divide: Beyond Institutional Critique Art In America
Artists Rally for People’s Climate March ArtNet News
An Unusual Take on Natural History Museums Queens Chronicle
Too Hot To Handle (cover story) The Art Newspaper (cover story)
Climate Week Roundup: The Natural History Museum Urban Omnibus
The Museum Divide: Beyond Institutional Critique Time Out World
“The Natural History Museum” Highlights Social and Political Forces That Shape Nature Nifty NYC
The Natural History Museum Exhibition NY Art Beat
Did You Know David Koch is on the Board of Directors at the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History? Inhabitat
Occupy: The Name in Common Creative Time Reports
Counter-Power as Common Power: Beyond Horizontalism ROAR Magazine
Counter-Power As Common Power: Beyond Horizontalism CHTO DELAT
Art and Tech NonProfit Eyebeam Announces New Fellows Hyperallergic
Performing Home: Art, Activism, and Affections Furtherfeld
Exhibition at Pratt Compares Public Protests in Gezi Park to Those in Zuccotti Park World Architecture Community
On Participatory Art and the Institution Essay by Natalie Kane
The Politics of the Social in Contemporary Art Performa Magazine
Allegories of Art, Politics, and Poetry E-Flux
An Interview with Not An Alternative Brooklyn Spaces
Occupy Everything! An Interview with Not An Alternative Kronotop
From Soho to Brooklyn, Must Alternative Arts Just Mean Gentrification? Inner City Press
Every Exit is an Entrance: 30 Years of Exit Art NY Times
Activism and Fiction: Profile of Not An Alternative Metropolis TVE 2
No More a Neighborhood for Young Artists The Brooklyn Ink
The Arts of Occupation: Occupy Wall Street Isn’t Just Producing Art Work, It’s Challenging the Boundaries of Art and Activism The Nation
Presenting…#whOWNSpace Archinect
Occupy Wall Street: Carnival Against Capital? Carnivalesque as Protest Sensibility E-Flux
Galleries Abandoning North Brooklyn for Cheaper Pastures The Brooklyn Paper
Starving Artists Can No Longer Afford Williamsburg Gothamist
Williamsburg Art Space Not An Alternative Priced Out of Havemeyer Street Home The L Magazine
Specters of Art Art & Education (Art Forum + E Flux)
Brooklyn’s No-Space Offers Weekly Presentations on Creative Activism Brooklyn Examiner
Money for Nothing Art World Salon
Grouping: A Way of Working Artplaces
Meet the Helpsters NY Press
Report on a City from Below Art Work
Not An Alternative: Picture the Homeless Tent City Scapegoat: Landscape, Architecture, Political Economy
Democracy in America: A National Campaign CreativeTime.org
New Urbanism Video Series: Tent City Babelgum
Advocates Make a Temporary “Home” to Make a Point The Villager
Homeless “Tent City” In Harlem Ends in Arrests North America InterPress Service
Make-Believe: Parafiction and Plausibility October Magazine
Harlem Tent City Sprouts Up in Effort to Get More Affordable Housing Daily News
Homeless Advocates Arrested Gotham Gazette
Homeless Activists Occupy Empty Lot in East Harlem Gothamist
Cops Stop Occupation of JP Morgan Chase’s Vacant Lot, Arrest 9 or More Village Voice
Homeless Activists Take Over JP Morgan Chase’s Vacant Lot in East Harlem Village Voice
Activists Arrested After Occupying East Harlem Lot NY Times
Hipsters Back In the Pool Curbed NY
Green Toilet Paper: Be Kind to Your Behind vs. Hug a Tree? Fast Co. Design
Your Digital Camera and the Law PCWorld, MacWorld, Techhive
Volunteers Nationwide Hand Out 1.2 Million Copies of NY Times Spoof Paper Associated Press
Fake NY Times Declares Iraq War Over! Here’s Who Did It Gawker
Artists’ NY Times Spoof Proclaims End to Iraq War Rhizome.org
Liberal Pranksters Hand Out Times Spoof NY Times
April Fools Comes Early: Read All About It NY Times
Twitter Vote Report Rocketboom
Activist Guide to the RNC High Times Magazine
New York Finally Sets Lensing Rules Variety Magazine
The Union Square Pavilion Picnic Protest Village Voice
Artists Rally Against Union Square Privatization Village Voice
Greenpeace Kleercut Kleenex Parody Trendhunter
Endangered: Our Right to “Shoot” in Public Groundviews
Independent Artists Lead Fight Against Proposed NYC Regulations Limiting Filming, Photography in Public Spaces Democracy Now
New Yorkers Protest for the Freedom to Use Cameras Rue89

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