Srdja Popovic & Slobo Djinovic

Srdja Popovic & Slobo Djinovic

All events are at 7pm at Performance Studies, 6th Floor, 721 Broadway, NY unless otherwise noted.

Creative activism considers the relationship between representation and action, the material and immaterial. Contemporary activists employ traditional tactics as well as those that take into account our hyper-mediated world of signs and symbols, stories and spectacle. This fall, the Yes Lab, Not An Alternative, and the Center for Artistic Activism are teaming up to bring you Creative Activism Thursdays, a series of lectures and workshops with theorists, activists and artists from around the world.


Srdja Popovic is founding member of Otpor, the student resistance movement that played a critical role in the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000. In late 2003 he co-founded the Center for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), a group that supports nonviolent democratic movements through the transfer of knowledge on strategies and tactics of nonviolent struggle.

Slobodan Djinovic is an innovator in democracy and technology, founding Serbia’s first wireless internet company and a founder of Otpor. He has since become a leader exponent of sharing strategic non-violence training for democracy movements and peaceful opposition groups in the world’s remaining dictatorships.



September 29, 2011

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