Creative Activism & Occupations in Spain

Creative Activism & Occupations in Spain

All events are at 7pm at Performance Studies, 6th Floor, 721 Broadway, NY unless otherwise noted.

This week Not An Alternative is hosting an artist talk and multi-media presentation by Spanish artist/activist Leonidas Martin. We’ll get a visual tour of some of the most creative art/activist interventions performed in the context of the alter-globalization movement, and in contemporary urban struggles in Barcelona and beyond, including Las Agencias, Yomango, Pret a Revolter, and New Kids on the Black Bloc. Leo will also discuss his experiences as a participant/organizer in this Spring’s M-15 encampments in Spain, massive occupations that took hold throughout the country and lasted several months. These occupations were a direct inspiration for #OccupyWallStreet.

Leo will explore the relationship between art and activism, how creativity can be a powerful tool for social transformation, how we can have fun while fighting back, and why direct action is one of the fine arts.


Leonidas Martin is a Professor at Barcelona University where he teaches New Media and Political Art. For many years he has been developing collective projects between art and activism, some of them well known internationally (Las Agencias, Yomango, Pret a Revolter). He writes about art and politics for blogs, journals and newspapers, has created several documentaries and movies for television and internet, and is a member of the cultural collective Enmedio; ( Last but not least, he is an expert telling jokes, often using this divine gift to get free beers and avoid police arrest. Leo will tell stories about the current upheaval in Spain, among other things.



October 20, 2011

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