Artist Talk, with Martin Krenn

Artist Talk, with Martin Krenn

Talk @ No-Space, June 4, 7:30 pm

With Martin Krenn

This Thursday evening artist and activist Martin Krenn will present his work that ranges from co-operative, socially committed and participatory projects to politically symbolic, provocative actions. Based in Vienna, Austria, Krenn is an artist, curator, filmmaker, and activist whose work focuses on strategies and methods of resistance to the governing relations of power. He uses different media such as photography, video and the internet to develop projects that are realized in exhibitions, the web and in public space. His talk will give insights in his newer projects where an extended concept of art, subversive techniques and testing the so-called ‘freedom of art’ are deployed mostly strategically.

This event is co-produced by Not An Alternative and Pond: art, activism, ideas.

About Martin Krenn

Krenn is the Chair of the Austrian Artists Association – IG Bildende Kunst and since 2006 has taught Interventionist Art at the Department of Art and Communicative Practice/University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Current projects include “In between the movements – an ongoing video project about global justice movements”, “Normality in [the] Crisis”, “Democracy and Welfare for All” and “On the Tectonics of History” which can be seen in the ISCP-New York in Brooklyn till June 28.

About Not An Alternative
Not An Alternative is a volunteer-run non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, NY whose mission aims to integrate art, activism, technology and theory in order to affect popular understandings of events, symbols and history. Their work both questions and leverages the tools of advertising, marketing, public relations and spectacle production. Projects include The Production Company, Terra Incognita (an online tv show), The Real Estate Industry, and The Change You Want To See Gallery, a multi-purpose venue where free lectures, workshops, screenings and artist talks occur. During the day it is a collaborative office space (aka coworking) for like-minded cultural producers.

About Pond: art, activism, and ideas
Founded in 2000, “Pond: art, activism, and ideas” Pond is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forum through which experimental artists may share ideas and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the larger community. Through exhibitions, public events, lectures, and editorial projects, our goal is to offer an accessible place for individual and community groups to develop and execute ideas in a non-competitive atmosphere.


June 4, 2009


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